An example to show what happens when you do everything client requests

January 30th, 2018


Company hilariously mocks stupid client requests, shows what happens when you do everything they ask

Designers and their clients will never understand each other. And that’s a good thing. I mean, let’s face it, designers have a way bigger understanding of their craft and (usually) the more freedom brands give them, the better the results of their collaborations are. A recent tweet by Japanese brand Nissin Cup Noodles is a perfect example of the terrible visual disaster that happens when a designer follows through with every single client request.

The tweet included an image for their marketing campaign, accompanied by a message, “Please allow us a moment while we fix some mistakes brought up by the client. They say it’s not cheesy enough…” The ad then received numerous instructions, explaining every detail that had to be “improved.” The only thing funnier than the absurd notes is the end result you definitely have to see. Scroll down to check out what hell designers have to go through when communicating with their clients on a daily basis!

This casual-looking photo started a heavy storm on the Japanese side of Twitter


It was recently tweeted by a Japanese company called Nissin Cup Noodles


They, however, decided the picture needed improvements, "Please allow us a moment while we fix some mistakes brought up by the client. They say it’s not cheesy enough…"



Their first edits led to this, but it clearly wasn’t cool enough


So more perfectly reasonable requests were made


And absurd took complete control of the situation



Finally, we present to you the ad that every brand dreams about but not a single designer would like to produce


Quote: Iveta
Source: BoredPanda

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